Introducing VDS Solutions

Introducing VDS Solutions

Do you struggle with Tilers? We specialise in your tiling. More about who we are, and what we do. 


How we Do Things – Tiling that helps people and businesses thrive.

We believe it’s important for you to know how we run our business. Below we have outlined our process to achieving outstanding workmanship, which we hope to share with yourselves.

Regards, Team VDS.

Our Quotation process

(1). We accept tenders via phone or email, confirming the needs of the client and return date of our quotation.

(2). We process your requirements, sourcing the best value for tiles, product and labour, whilst keeping you informed.

(3). We return our quotation via email and/or post to yourselves promptly.

(4). Following our submission, we call to politely ask for feedback on our quotation or how we can better assist.

Honoured with your sub-contract order, and joining your team, we now progress to the next stage below.

Our Site Process

(1). Pre-let, site meeting. To iron out legalities, unforeseen issues, ready for an effective and fast service.

(2). Delivery of product and tiles to site in preparation of the work commencement.

(3). On site labour introduction with our management team, set-up, followed by work commencement.

(4). Regular site visits, communication and site reports by our team to keep you informed.

(5). Phase Inspection for quality assurance, followed by handover photos and certificate.

Our Administration Process

For financial control, our experienced team employ the support of Xero cloud-based accounting.

We work together with your team to understand the requirements of yourself (the Main Contractor).

We provide our regular communication to navigate changes that may occur, to offer the best solution.

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